Time is very precious, especially for college students with so many obligations, tests to study for and fun to have.  Attending school at Chapman University, I know a big priority on our campus is to be sustainable.  Students try to make sustainability a priority through opening documents on their computers rather than printing out the article, and by throwing their plastics bottles in the recycle bin.

With time being so limited, it is sad that much of the effort put in to recycling is going to waste.  Not very many people know that by throwing a plastic bottle with its lid into the recycle bin many times will not be recycled.  The plastic bottle caps are made of a different plastic than the rest of the bottle and can not be recycled in the same manner.  When not taken off, the recycling machines can be jammed, or the tops can pop off in the process, injuring those working in the plant. This is why the bottles are often not recycled, going right back into the trash that is taken to landfills and turns into food for the birds.

Did you know that almost every piece of plastic ever made is still existing in the world today (Greenfeet)? It takes so long for plastic to be broken down which is why we must make a constant effort to better the environment by increasing the bottles and caps being recycled, and reduced the ones that are going to waste.

I hope to start a change in the Chapman community. The dean of students, Jerry Price is my target and I hope he will help me make this issue known, as well as get bins on campus where bottle caps can be left and they can go towards a good cause.


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